My Murdered Remains Vinyl

My Murdered Remains Vinyl

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My Murdered Remains is 16 brand new tracks drawn from the very best of the Dial-A-Song service and features the instant audience favorite “The Communists Have the Music." It is a natural bookend to I Like Fun that is action-packed and worthy to stand alongside any TMBG album. This album is available exclusively from Idlewild Recordings and will not be sold elsewhere and will not be posted to streaming sites. 12-inch, 180g audiophile vinyl. Instant downloads include a 16-track bonus album casually dubbed More Murdered Remains.

Side A

  1. The Communists Have the Music
  2. I've Been Seeing Things
  3. Gudetama’s Busy Days
  4. Dog
  5. Ampersand
  6. Applause Applause Applause
  7. The Neck Rolls Aren’t Working
  8. Selectionist

Side B

  1. I Haven’t Been Right Yet
  2. Unctuous Robot
  3. The Bullies
  4. Tractor
  5. Rowboat Mayor
  6. Tick Tick Tick
  7. Last Wave (alt. version)
  8. Best Regrets

More Murdered Remains

  1. This is Only Going to Go One Way
  2. Prepare
  3. No Cops feat. Corn Mo
  4. Starry Eyes
  5. The Velvet Ape
  6. Tesla 2 4 6 8
  7. Whole Lot of Glean
  8. I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar
  9. Rock Club
  10. Thankful for Your Service
  11. The Summer Breeze
  12. Another Weirdo
  13. Door to Door Minotaur
  14. The Greatest (full-length version)
  15. Christmas in the Big House
  16. The Power of Dial-A-Song