Glean CD
Glean CD
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Glean CD

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They Might Be Giants' new studio release is Glean and it is the first disc to capture a part of the epic 2015 Dial-A-Song year. From the folk-pop majesty of "Answer" to the manic violin-driven “Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2” to the bluesy bass-grind of “Underwater Woman,” Glean is uncompromising in range and unrelenting in quality; this is a must-have set of tracks.

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1. Erase
2. Good to Be Alive
3. Underwater Woman
4. Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2
5. Answer
6. I Can Help the Next in Line
7. Madam , I Challenge You to a Duel
8. End of the Rope
9. All the Lazy Boyfriends
10. Unpronounceable
11. Hate The Villanelle
12. I'm A Coward
13. Aaa
14. Let Me Tell You About My Operation
15. Glean